Partner with us

We created SafeRoads to help the global community of road users

If you know of an organization who is working on a similar cause, ask us to partner with them. Larger the number of people who work on this cause, the faster we can make our roads safer.

We are looking for associates who can help spread the use of SafeRoads in their city, town or part of the world. Email us if you would like to become an associate.

We are looking for sponsors. We have created our driver safety monitoring service to help all drivers be safe. If you can afford to donate your time and/or money, please get involved. We can license to you the rights to 'print decals' and to give them away at your local high schools, churches, temples or other institutions. Help us enroll vehicle owners into our "Driver safety monitoring" program. Download the 'Arrive Alive' app on your phone to receive reports if your driver's driving is reported by others on the road! Safety is everyone's responsibility. Report data is sent only to the user account to which that vehicle is registered on our platform.

Research evidence has shown "We humans drive well, when we know others can tell (on us)"