Who we are?

Safe Roads is brought to you by HumaneVibe, a US 501c3 non-profit organization. The purpose of our not-for-profit organization is to bring a positive impact to communities around us through charitable efforts. The organization aims to bring together community efforts aimed at improving the quality of life of our citizens and to apply our collective energies to alleviate specific challenges that affect us all every day, and not just during times of turmoil or calamity.

SafeRoads project was instituted because each of us are affected by unsafe roads,irrespective of race, religion, color, gender or many of the other attributes that contribute to our human identity

An average of 40,000 lives have been lost every year (as of 2023) in the last 5 years due to US roadway crashes and fatalities. That's 40,000 families left behind by that someone they love. A large number of those lives lost could be saved if someone had received the opportunity to talk with that 'unsafe driver' about their bad driving and to coerce them to either driver better or maybe get them off the road.

Step outside of the United States and these numbers are staggering. Through 'The Safe Roads Project', we're putting a simple model in place to drive collaborative efforts that can enabling each of us to make our roads safer, wherever we are in the world.

It is well known that prevention is better than cure. So why not find and fix the reasons for bad accidents on our roads, before they happen. For the most part, accidents & road fatalities are a result of unsafe driving. So, if each of us can (anonymously) call someone out for their bad driving, without getting into any conflict(s) with them, we can help make our roads safer for all.

How you can use Safe Roads?

Using Safe Roads is super simple - just download the Arrive Alive app. Create your profile, add the vehicles you own. Anytime some reports your vehicles for unsafe driving, you will receive a notification. That's an opportunity for you to have a chat with whoever was driving your vehicle at that time. You now have the opportunity to counsel them on safe driving and to explain to them the risks of unsafe driving. Your opportunity to make roads safer for all those around you.

If your employees drive around for business or if you have a student driver at home, purchase our decals from the Safe Roads shop. Once you have an order confirmation, go pickup your decal from a Safe Roads volunteer location near you!

If you own a place of business thats open to the public or are part of a community organization, we encourage you to become a SafeRoads Pickup location

  • Anyone can visit the SafeRoads platform and report a bad driver

  • If the vehicle is registered, the owner receives the feedback online. The Vehicle owner can take action based on the feedback received

  • Any vehicle owner can register their car on SafeRoads for FREE and receive alerts when their vehicles are reported

  • Users earn points for reporting bad drivers. Points earned could be redeemed for premium services like instant notifications or can even by redeemed for specific services or discounts from our partners.

  • Support SafeRoads by purchasing our 'Vehicle Bumper decals'. When you purchase a Vehicle Fender/Bumper decal you are also helping fund the project.

Safe Roads is a community welfare project by HumaneVibe (a US 501c3 non-profit organization) to make our roads safer for all. Road safety is everyones' responsibility.

  • Vehicle owners are notified when their driver is being unsafe on the road. This empowers business owners to speak to their employees and family members to speak to their teen drivers. Such conversations can pre-empt bad driving and avoid accidents.

  • Employers can know how their employees are driving when on the job. It helps you keep your potential liabilities in check.

  • Safe Roads avoids conflicts on the road. If you have feedback about someones driving, no need to get into a conflict with them. Simply report the vehicle, we will capture the loction and your report. If the vehicle is registered on our platform, the owner is notified of your report. Every driver now has a voice and can share constructive feedback to those who are not driving well. This is how we can slowly but surely make roads safeer and also avoid potentially dangerous confrontations while on the road.

  • In developing countries across the world, there are no emergency services like '911'. In those countries, users can report accidents and these reports can help save lives. If you are a interested in bringing Safe Roads to your country,get in touch with us

  • Family members of reckless drivers can be notified of their behavior patterns. Those family members can take preventive and corrective actions before bad things happen. We encourage every vehicle owner to register their vehicle so they can receive notifications if their car is ever reported.

  • Various commercial 'Driver safety monitoring' programs exist in the Western world. Those programs have shown that drivers who know they can receive feedback on how they drive are more likely to drive better and make our roads safer. So we have created Safe Roads - A 'How am I driving?' program for everyone.

  • If you know of an organization who is working to make their communities safer, refer them to us, ask them to become a partner. The more who work on this cause, the faster we can make our roads safer.

  • We are looking for volunteers who can help spread the use of SafeRoads in their city, town or part of the world. Contact us and tell us how you can help. We can use your help if you can help on board your local schools, driving schools or commmunity organizations as Safe Roads partners

  • We are also looking for sponsors. Our driver safety monitoring service runs on technology platforms and these are a fixed cost to keep running. You can 'buy decals' and help us with our ongoing costs. We are even open to licensing to individuals the rights to 'print decals' and to distribute them for free at their local high schools, churches, temples and other institutions. If you can help enroll more vehicle owners & drivers into our FREE 'How am I driving' program, you are doing your part in helping avoid accidents before they happen. Data has shown that drivers who know they can receive feedback on how they drive are more likely to drive responsibly